Spring Rec League

ALL Games played at local area gyms

The season's games are played every Saturday at local gyms.
Practices are once a week at 6,7 or 8pm.
Your child will be added into our draft process and drafted to a team. (All players are drafted) 
 After your child is registered, all important dates and info will be emailed to you two weeks before the start of the season.  

Option to bring in your own team


Send an email to: fbbabasketball@gmail.com and request a free background check.

Coaches you also have the option to bring in your own team.If you do not have at least 8 players you must pick from our draft.

Please have your players register and than email us your roster. We may require your team to play up a grade level.

Game Rules




I. Division Structure

1.      Ball Size: Youth, 28.5 

2.      Gym Size: Cross Court

3.      Basket Height: 9.6 feet.

4.      Free Throw Line: 2 feet in from foul line.


II. Special Game Rules

1.      Fast break - They are permitted.

2.      Free Throw Lane Violations - Lane violations on offense will not be called.

3.      There will be no stalling in division 1. In this division players cannot steal the ball, other than by intercepting a pass. To prevent a team from dribbling out the game in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter the following rule will apply: In the fourth quarter a team will have 30 seconds to take a shot or a turnover will result and the opposing team takes possession. This call will be at the discretion of the referee.

4.      Defense

·       Man to Man Defense- Man to Man defense must be played. Zone defenses are not allowed. 

·       Four foot Rule- The defensive player must guard his man within 4 feet and may not leave his man until the ball is in the paint.

·       Defensive Assignments- Coaches will give defensive assignments at the start of each quarter. Coaches may change individual defensive assignments only once per quarter.

·       Switching- Defensive players may "switch" and defend another player only when their man has made a pick on another defensive player. The switching defender must pick up the unguarded offensive player. Switching man to man defenses that switch without picks are not allowed.

Penalty:    1st Violation: Warning "Illegal Defense"

2nd Violation: Technical Foul

·       Double Teaming- Double or triple teaming the player with the ball is allowed only in the free throw lane. A player without the ball may never be double teamed.

Penalty:    1st Violation: Warning Illegal Defense

2nd Violation: Technical Foul

5.      Stealing - Stealing the ball is not allowed. This does not include tying up the ball when the offensive player is not dribbling in an attempt to force a jump ball, which is permitted.

6.      Time outs. 3 full time outs per game. Four 8 min quarters


BOYS DIVISION 1, 2, 3 AND 4 (Ages 7,8)   (AGE 9) (Ages 10-11) (Ages 12-13) Ages (14-16)

1.    All other age groups play UIL Rules.

2.    Three full time outs. 

3.    Four 9 minutes quarters.



1.   All kids MUST Play at least 1.5 quarters

2.   Running clock until last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.


We do our best to make sure each player plays at least 1.5 quarters a game. We are a league that believes in fair competition and you must earn our playing time.